Mixing and mastering engineers spend thousands of dollars on professional gear – high-end converters, power conditioners, master clocks, speakers, and even tuning the room itself – in order to create the most compelling listening experience possible.

MIYO combined the best of these tools to bring that experience to your headphones.

MIYO was created by H2 Designs, LLC, a small team with over 50 years of combined professional music and sound experience.

After a successful Kickstarter in January 2015, we shipped hundreds of units to 32 countries around the world. After initially manufacturing 100% in the US, we transitioned to production China in an effort to effectively meet demand. Ultimately we were unable to scale quickly enough without significantly more investment, and had to close the business.

Although H2 Designs is no longer open for business, we'd love to keep in touch. If you need help with your MIYO, or just want to say hi, you can email Jon at jghillman[at]gmail[dot]com.