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There's never been a better time to upgrade your sound with MIYO and hear what you've been missing.

$199 ($299)

The difference is obvious.

Mixing and mastering engineers spend thousands of dollars on professional gear – high-end converters, power conditioners, master clocks, speakers, and even tuning the room itself – in order to create the most compelling listening experience possible.

MIYO combines the best of these tools to bring that experience to your headphones.

Beyond the converter.

Beyond the converter.

MIYO Goes Beyond the DAC

Unlike many simpler audio devices, MIYO is an integrated system that goes way beyond just a brand-name DAC (digital-to-analog converter). Several unique innovations come together to deliver sound quality normally reserved for the finest professional studios and mastering houses.



Huge Soundstage and Precise Imaging

MIYO is the only audio device using state-of-the-art MEMs (micro-electromechanical system) oscillators as audio clocks. These vastly outperform both oven-controlled crystal and rubidium-based atomic clocks, with <.5ps RMS phase jitter and incredible accuracy.



Detail and Dynamics

MIYO has the most sophisticated USB-bus power design in existence. Eight separate low-noise regulated supplies provide super clean power, while great care was taken in the PCB layout such that the noisy circuitry had separate ground planes. The bottom line is that MIYO is virtually noiseless.


Depth and Clarity

MIYO's analog audio path performs at the limits of what is physically possible with a USB-bus powered device. +/-15V rails drive a no-expense-spared amplifier topology that can power any headphones effortlessly without a hint of distortion.

Designed to be smarter.

We took the utmost care while designing MIYO to make sure it looks elegant and sounds amazing.

Yet even with such a high level of functionality, MIYO avoids any complicated modes or buttons. All of the features have been integrated seamlessly to keep MIYO as simple and clean as possible.

Learn more about MIYO’s simple, yet exceptional design.