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Why Make MIYO?

MIYO is made by H2 Designs, LLC, a small team with over 50 years of combined professional music and sound experience. We are musicians, product designers, and engineers. We love creating and listening to music. 

We believe the time is right for killer sound to be made available to everyone, and MIYO is our first step in that direction.

For Artists

If you make music, you know there are lots of relatively inexpensive audio interfaces out there, with no shortage of bells and whistles: lots of inputs and outputs, buttons and knobs, some preamps, and maybe even a fancy color. For all their capability, these devices place little value on the actual quality of sound they produce. The focus is on perceived value, rather than actual value. We know, because we designed a lot of these products. 

The human ear and brain are remarkably sensitive. Most people, whether they realize it or not, can hear the slightest details – if given the chance to. This doesn't make us all great sound engineers, as that takes years of learning through active listening. However, if the details simply aren't there, you can't learn to listen for them - and this greatly limits your abilities.

Given the state of technology, there's no reason you should be limited in this way. We think you should be able to make your music, and learn from other's music, with the same quality heard in world-class studios, wherever you happen to be.

For Fans

You've probably had the experience where you hear one of your favorite albums on a really great sound system, and its like hearing it for the first time all over again. You hear details you never knew were there, and connect more deeply with the music than ever. We want you to have that experience every time you listen to music, and not have to spend a fortune to get it. 

How We Do It

Staying Small

We are a small team, and intend on keeping it that way. After years of working at places where endless growth is the only concern, we simply wanted to focus on making great products. Staying small allows this to happen by giving us direct control over every aspect of the business, with no outside arbitrary demands.

We Are the Customer

We create products that we use ourselves. We don't have to theorize about what people need or want. We just ask ourselves and the professionals we work with. It's amazing how easy product design is when you're designing for your own needs.