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Sounds Expensive

If you were to just listen to MIYO blind, you'd swear you were hearing something bigger and more expensive that was plugged into a wall. TapeOp

We admit it sounds unbelievable – how could something like MIYO compete with the best converters and headphone amps in the world? Let's take a look at some key aspects of MIYO's performance and how they affect what you hear.


Achieving MIYO's level of performance via the power supplied by USB was quite a challenge, but completely necessary to ensure MIYO could be truly portable and provide world-class sound quality. Eight separate low-noise regulated supplies provide super clean power, while great care was taken in the PCB layout such that the noisy circuitry had separate ground planes - isolating any circulating noise current away from the analog circuitry. 

We're not aware of any mobile design that even comes close to our proprietary approach. The bottom line is that MIYO is virtually noiseless while providing lots of power to its two headphone amplifiers, so it can easily drive any headphones without breaking a sweat.


To get audio out of your computer, MIYO basically says ‘Hello. I am a USB audio device.” Then, 1’s and 0’s magically start going 'down' the USB cable (asynchronously, of course) and end up at MIYO’s digital-to-analog converter, or DAC. The DAC then takes those 1’s and 0’s from your computer and turns them into physical waveforms.

So, you might guess that the DAC has a lot to do with how audio coming out of your computer sounds. It sure does, and we are using one of the best DACs ever made (Burr Brown PCM1792A). It’s awesome, with 129 dB Dynamic Range (A-weighted) and other amazing specs. We're also using a similarly incredible ADC from for MIYO's input  – that's right, you can record with MIYO too!

There are only a few audio products in the world that perform like this – MIYO is definitely the only one that's portable, and it's easily the most affordable. Put simply, MIYO delivers the most pure conversion possible, so you'll hear exactly what the artist intended, and nothing else. 


Any great converter needs a great clock – a clock tells the converter when the next sample step should happen, and if the clock isn’t very stable, you end up with distortion, poor stereo imaging, and other artifacts. This oversimplification of decades of audio research can be boiled down to a critical factor: jitter, a measure of how the amount of time between samples (a very tiny slice of time) varies. In the very best audio systems, jitter is measured in picoseconds (ps) – MIYO’s jitter is crazy low at <.5 ps.

Few audio devices can claim this kind of stability. MIYO is definitely the only device near its price range that does this. We’re using state-of-the-art MEMS oscillators, which to our knowledge is a first in an audio design. The result is a stereo field and soundstage unlike anything you've heard before – it's an eye-opening experience.


Beyond pure performance, we designed MIYO to be attractive, elegant, and easy to use. It'll also last a lifetime (we mean it) – with an enclosure machined from solid aluminum. It's one of the most versatile devices of its kind, as well, with more tricks up its sleeve than we have space for here. 

If you love music, you'll love MIYO. At a fraction of the cost and size of anything that comes close, there's no reason you can't take your music experience to a whole new level with MIYO today.

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