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MIYO Street Team

The MIYO Street Team is really simple: tell your friends about MIYO, and for every direct sale that results, we pay you $10 cash. This is money straight to your pocket – no purchase required, no points to earn and redeem – we value your time and influence and are happy to pay for it.

Provide your PayPal email address below, and we will create a unique referral link just for you. Share MIYO with your friends using that link, and at the end of every month we will send you $10 for every sale you generated.

Other than the email address provided, no identifying information is a part of this program, and no information is made public.


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Here's a few tips on sharing:

  • Share with a personal message. What about MIYO interests you? What music would you like to hear with MIYO?
  • Social media is great, but not the only place to share. Link from your audio-related blog, or share in a forum (just make sure it is relevant, nobody likes spam in forums).
  • If you own MIYO, share your specific experience. What do you hear now that you could not before? If you make music, talk about how MIYO fits into that workflow.

Thanks for your help spreading the word!