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Go mobile, stay Pro.

As a Pro Tools™ professional, best-of-class conversion in your studio is not a luxury, it's a requirement. But what if you're not in your studio? The Pro Tools™ system can seamlessly switch between hardware accelerated and native operation with AAX, but you need mobile I/O that can match the standards of your studio.

Enter MIYO. Working natively, Pro Tools™ can use MIYO to deliver truly professional monitoring and recording capability anywhere you go. In fact, MIYO exceeds the sound quality of most interfaces at any size and price, including Avid HDX hardware.

"The soundstage, imaging, and clarity are phenomenal, and it is never annoying or fatiguing during long listening sessions"
-TapeOp Magazine Sept '15

MIYO is completely unique in the world of high-quality interfaces in terms of size and performance. It's simplicity is also deceptively powerful –  two independently amplified headphone outputs let you and a client listen together with perfect quality. And MIYO is the only interface of its size to offer a stereo input, with integrated metering making it easy to get the right levels. We're also very proud to manufacture MIYO 100% in the USA.

"It’s a beautiful example of carefully crafted sonic artistry from a small American company that’s willing to challenge the status quo on audio interface design...but perhaps its most jaw-dropping spec is its price"
-Recording Magazine Nov '15

MIYO sets your Pro Tools™ studio free – go mobile with the same confidence you have in your studio.

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