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Smarter Design

We took the utmost care while designing MIYO to make sure it looks elegant and sounds amazing. But, there is a lot more to MIYO than what meets the eyes — or ears. Even with such a high level of functionality, MIYO avoids any complicated modes or buttons. All of the features have been integrated seamlessly to keep MIYO as simple and clean as possible.

Integrated attenuation

Most professional audio devices include some sort of on board volume controls. Although these controls are added for convenience, they end up complicating things because now there are two different volume settings to juggle. The computer OS always provides volume control for connected devices, and reducing the volume from software reduces the bit-depth of the audio stream — this degrades the audio signal.

With MIYO, we solve this problem at both ends. We removed cumbersome and complicated controls for a streamlined design by intercepting the OS’s software volume controls to control MIYO’s DAC attenuator. This ensures the signal remains as high-fidelity as possible no matter what the volume setting, while controlling MIYO’s volume remains as simple and using the volume keys on your laptop’s keyboard.

Automatically switching meter modes

MIYO has a unique folding meter design when visualizing the stereo output level from a computer that gives audio engineers double the precision possible in such a small package (8 x resolution than Apogee Groove). Each LED’s intensity varies before moving to the next segment giving an unparalleled visual responsiveness that really connects you to the music.

Beyond this, when recording an input you need to see the input level, both with respect to dynamic range and if your are clipping the input. Rather than add a button or create a separate software panel, we made MIYO smart. MIYO will detect if audio is present on the input and will automatically switch the meter display to show both the stereo input and stereo output. When audio is no longer detected at the input, MIYO returns back to the normal output meter mode, making it effortless to always know what’s going on.

Innovative enclosure

High-performance audio devices like MIYO generate a lot of heat. In order to function properly and keep the size so small, we designed MIYO’s entire enclosure to function as a heat sink. Milled from aircraft-grade aluminum and hard-anodized to maximize surface area and provide excellent durability, MIYO’s enclosure is the perfect blend of form and function.

It's also really small — about the footprint of a business card — making it the smallest high-performance audio interface in the world.

Standalone headphone splitter

Did you know MIYO can also work as a stand alone headphone amp and splitter? Simply plug MIYO into a USB power source such as a USB phone/wall charger and MIYO will turn on in this mode. Any audio plugged into MIYO’s input jack will be split and amplified through both of MIYO’s headphone outputs. Now you can share audio with a friend from any audio source!

Standalone ADC

MIYO also can work as a standalone analog-to-digital converter. Notice the red light coming from the headphone jacks? Yes, MIYO’s outputs double as optical digital outputs! Doing this is as simple as when using it as a splitter in the example above. Just plug MIYO into a USB power source and connect an optical cable to either of MIYO’s output jack. Now any audio received into the analog inputs will be converted digitally using MIYO high precision clocking and send out the optical connector.

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