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OS X Users

Setting MIYO up in OS X® only takes a few seconds, and no driver is required. Follow the guide below.

Download the OS X® User Guide 

Windows Users

To use MIYO with a Windows® computer, you must first install the MIYO USB driver. Unfortunately, Windows® does not support the USB Audio Class 2 standard like other modern operating systems. While we have made every effort to make MIYO as easy to use as possible, this requirement could not be avoided without compromising MIYO’s performance.

Download the Windows® User Guide 

Download the Windows® 7/8 USB Driver

Download the Windows® 10 USB Driver

Technical Specification

For the technically inclined, check out MIYO's specification in glorious detail here.

Get to know your MIYO


If you are using Mac OS X® or Linux-based computer, MIYO is completely plug-and-play – just plug it in and MIYO is ready to use. If you would like your computer audio to play out of MIYO, just set MIYO as the default audio device (OS X®: System Preferences/Sound). Many applications also have settings to select an audio device directly.

USB Cable

You can use any USB Micro cable with MIYO, should you need or want to replace the supplied cable. The cable supplied with MIYO has a long micro-USB connector. If MIYO powers on, the cable is connected completely. Please do not try to force the cable completely into MIYO.

Volume Control

To control the output volume of MIYO, just use your operating system’s volume controls (you probably have volume buttons on your computer keyboard for this). MIYO will respond to these standard volume controls by attenuating the analog output level of its converter – this way, there is no loss in fidelity as you would normally get with digital volume control.

Please Note: MIYO is capable of achieving very high output levels with most headphones. Adjust output volume with care, especially on first-time use – we recommend bringing the volume to 0%, playing back music, then adjusting the volume up to a comfortable listening level from there. Your OS will remember the last-used volume setting for MIYO when connected.


MIYO’s meters do much more than look cool, and are designed to deliver useful information. Audio professionals know that listening can be very subjective, and MIYO’s meters can help by relating easily referenced input/output levels. Learn more


MIYO features an aircraft-grade anodized aluminum enclosure, and is meant to last a lifetime. It will withstand normal daily use very well. For light scuffs and smudges, just wipe with a damp cloth (unplug MIYO first, of course). 


You may notice that MIYO feels warm, and this is totally normal. High-end audio devices like MIYO have significant heat dissipation needs, so MIYO's enclosure was designed to function as a heat sink. While MIYO has thermal shutdown protection and will not malfunction due to self-generated heat, you should keep it well-ventilated on a solid surface to avoid reaching temperatures that are uncomfortable to the touch.

Contact Support

If you have any questions or concerns about your MIYO, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@h2-designs.net, or use the form below.

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